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How High Design & Building Codes Can Co-Exist

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  • Does Your Commercial High-Rise Need Extra Fire Protection?
    THURSDAY, DEC 19, 2019
    The best kind of high-rise building is one that incorporates high-performing design. It’s a building that protects the people inside and adapts to their needs so that the entire space…
  • Using Smoke Curtains in High-Rise Buildings
    TUESDAY, DEC 10, 2019
    According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), high-rise buildings are more likely to have sprinklers and fire alarm equipment than other buildings. But even these fire and smoke safety…
  • Smoke Control in High Rise Buildings
    TUESDAY, DEC 03, 2019
    A fire in any building can be cause for alarm. Smoke and flames pose dangers to the people inside, while at the same time causing thousands of dollars to damage…
  • 7 Workplace Health and Safety Trends That Will Make a Big Impact in 2020
    THURSDAY, NOV 21, 2019
    Workplaces are changing. As more Boomers retire, millennials move up the ranks and members of Gen Z begin to enter the workforce, the way that companies are structured and do…
  • Integrating Smoke Control During Design Phase of High-Rise Buildings
    TUESDAY, OCT 22, 2019
    Source Very tall buildings have several unique characteristics that increase the severity of potential fire events including higher occupancy, longer evacuation times, access issues for responders and potential water pressure/availability…