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How High Design & Building Codes Can Co-Exist

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  • Discontinuing the Model 1500 Smoke Curtain
    MONDAY, JAN 16, 2017
    As of March 31, 2017, Smoke Guard will be discontinuing the production of the Model 1500 smoke rated curtain. Due to minimal demand for this particular product we have decided…
  • Separating Multi-Level Atriums with a Horizontal Fire Curtain
    FRIDAY, JAN 13, 2017
    Multi-level atriums are incredibly common when it comes to modern architecture and design. Most designers and owners prefer their buildings to have an open and airy feel, making a smaller…
  • Convenience Stairs and Building Codes
    TUESDAY, JAN 10, 2017
    When it comes to securing stairwells and meeting fire codes, grand staircases in multi-level atriums seem to get all the attention. However, grand staircases are really nothing more than convenience…
  • The Original Orange Elevator Smoke Curtain
    SUNDAY, JAN 08, 2017
    When it comes to elevator protectives, Smoke Guard is the “original orange smoke curtain”. With over 20 years of installed product, our transparent orange colored polyimide film is iconic. Our…
  • Product Spotlight: Model 2500 Fire + Smoke
    MONDAY, OCT 17, 2016
    The Model 2500 comes in two different versions. The M2500 smoke is smoke-rated while, the M2500 fire + smoke provide extra protection for stricter codes and is both fire and…