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How High Design & Building Codes Can Co-Exist

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  • Strategies for Safer Designs: Event Spaces
    THURSDAY, NOV 15, 2018
    One of the most challenging spaces to design is event rooms. These multi-use rooms need to be able to accommodate a wide variety of functions, which can make architects and…
  • What Are Smoke Curtains and How Do They Work?
    THURSDAY, OCT 25, 2018
    Source Fire safety systems are a necessary and important feature for every building. While annual fire safety inspections show that your building meets local safety codes, these inspections only ensure…
  • How to Incorporate Fire Protection Into Your Flexible Design
    TUESDAY, OCT 09, 2018
    Inspired partly by the desire to protect our environment and partly by the need to maximize a building’s life cycle, architects, designers and building owners alike are pushing the envelope…
  • Benefits of Fire-Resistant Curtains in Hotels
    TUESDAY, OCT 02, 2018
    Commercials kitchens are always at an increased risk for fires due to open flames, and when you combine open flames with a hotel's high occupancy, it results in a substantial…
  • Smoke and Fire Safety Solutions for Elevators
    TUESDAY, SEP 25, 2018
    During a fire, an elevator shaft acts just like a chimney, funneling smoke upward to higher floors. Even if the fire itself is contained, the resulting smoke puts the building’s…