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How High Design & Building Codes Can Co-Exist

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  • Smoke Guard Model 4000: An Animation
    THURSDAY, APR 30, 2015
    The Model 4000 fire curtain from Smoke Guard offers code-compliance and architectural aesthetics without corner posts required! Check out this animation to see how it can be applied to an…
  • Integrating the Model 4000 into Existing Smoke Management System
    TUESDAY, APR 28, 2015
    Smoke Guard’s Model 4000 fire-rated curtain is an excellent solution for multi-story atriums. This vertically deploying perimeter curtain installs into a ceiling and does not require support posts in the…
  • Performance Standards of the Model 4000
    SUNDAY, APR 26, 2015
    The Model 4000 is now able to provide unsurpassed flexibility when it comes to fire protection and building design. For a long time, the need for corner posts or columns…
  • Perimeter Fire + Smoke Curtains for Open Atriums
    MONDAY, APR 20, 2015
    Open and airy atriums are a very common and requested design feature when it comes to new construction. These atriums can be very environmentally friendly and offer large amounts of…
  • Product Spotlight: Model 1000
    MONDAY, MAR 30, 2015
    The model 1000 is one of our most popular products when it comes to providing exterior window separation. This flexible fire-rated partition deploys without power and requires only gravity to…