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How High Design & Building Codes Can Co-Exist

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  • Our Top 5 Favorite Fire Protection Solutions
    WEDNESDAY, MAR 06, 2019
    Fire protection is a priority in every kind of facility. Along with keeping occupants safe in the event of an emergency, the building itself is often the single biggest investment…
  • Controlling Smoke Movement Within a Building
    TUESDAY, MAR 05, 2019
    Your building may be outfitted with high-tech sensors, alarms, sprinklers and other fire safety equipment, but have you installed a smoke management system? Between 2014 and 2016, fire departments across…
  • What to Look for in Fire and Smoke Curtains
    WEDNESDAY, FEB 27, 2019
    Source Buildings are complex systems containing many different elements that need to be considered when creating a fire safety plan. From windows and doors to elevators and stairways, as well…
  • Strategies for a Safer, Healthier Office Space
    FRIDAY, FEB 22, 2019
    Your office design should be about more than increasing productivity. Office building owners and architects should also prioritize fire safety as they approach design and renovation. However, office buildings present…
  • Increased Airport Fire Safety With Fire & Smoke Curtains
    MONDAY, FEB 18, 2019
    Source Airports are home to more than just planes. They house restaurants, boutiques, newsstands, coffee shops and more. Not to mention, they temporarily house thousands of people as they wait…