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How High Design & Building Codes Can Co-Exist

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  • How to Incorporate Fire Protection Into Your Flexible Design
    TUESDAY, OCT 09, 2018
    Inspired partly by the desire to protect our environment and partly by the need to maximize a building’s life cycle, architects, designers and building owners alike are pushing the envelope…
  • Benefits of Fire-Resistant Curtains in Hotels
    TUESDAY, OCT 02, 2018
    Commercials kitchens are always at an increased risk for fires due to open flames, and when you combine open flames with a hotel's high occupancy, it results in a substantial…
  • Smoke and Fire Safety Solutions for Elevators
    TUESDAY, SEP 25, 2018
    During a fire, an elevator shaft acts just like a chimney, funneling smoke upward to higher floors. Even if the fire itself is contained, the resulting smoke puts the building’s…
  • Cost-Saving Benefits of Fire-Resistant Curtains in Retail Stores
    WEDNESDAY, SEP 19, 2018
    Every place of business should have a carefully thought out emergency plan in the event of a fire. A fire safety plan should involve training staff and employees how to…
  • Strategies for Fire Prevention in the Workplace
    MONDAY, JUL 23, 2018
    Although they occur every year, workplace and office fires have reduced in number over the last few decades. This is greatly in part to advances in technology, more effective fire…