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How High Design & Building Codes Can Co-Exist

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  • Smoke Containment vs. Smoke Management
    SUNDAY, MAY 25, 2014
    Smoke management systems are referred to as either passive or active. Active smoke management systems typically utilize smoke exhaust or evacuation systems. These systems utilize mechanical equipment to control the…
  • Atrium Solutions – What Are Your Options?
    SATURDAY, MAY 24, 2014
    As far as modern design goes, expanding the amount of natural light in a building by opening up the atrium continues to be very popular. Not only can an atrium…
  • Flagler Station Marriot Case Study
    TUESDAY, FEB 18, 2014
    Charged with the design of a business class hotel, with a small footprint in a densely populated area, Architect Bernardo Sandoval, Associate Project Manager for Beame Architectural Partnership needed to…
  • Tokyo Residential Building Case Study
    TUESDAY, FEB 18, 2014
    Learn more about how the deployment of Smoke Guard partition technology saved several floors from smoke damage, and allowed tenants to reoccupy almost immediately.
  • Fire Protection in Aircraft Hangars: Part 2
    SUNDAY, JAN 19, 2014
    Did you know that the presence of jet fuel in an aircraft hangar can greatly alter the level of fire safety required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)? By…