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  • Product Spotlight: Model 2500 Fire + Smoke
    TUESDAY, NOV 17, 2015
    The Model 2500 comes in two different versions. The M2500|S is only smoke-rated. Meanwhile, the M2500|FS is both fire and smoke rated. Available in large dimensions, the M2500|FS is the…
  • Why Use Smoke & Fire Rated Opening Protectives?
    SATURDAY, NOV 14, 2015
    Smoke & Fire-Rated curtains can be a huge asset when it comes to designing, building or remodeling. However, there is more technology to them than just fire or smoke resistant…
  • What is a draft curtain?
    THURSDAY, NOV 12, 2015
    The SG draft curtain is one of our best-selling products. However, many people are unfamiliar to the true function of a draft curtain. Unlike your elevator smoke barrier, a draft…
  • The M4000 - with Super Sensor
    MONDAY, NOV 09, 2015
    The M4000 is already an innovation as it does not require any corner posts to successfully partition around grand staircases, escalators or other openings in multi-level atriums. Smoke Guard builds…
  • Opening Protectives for Elevator Protection
    TUESDAY, SEP 15, 2015
    Smoke Guard has a large selection of options when it comes to elevator protection. During the event of a fire emergency, an elevator shaft can serve as a chimney by…