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How High Design & Building Codes Can Co-Exist

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  • Smoke Guard Solutions vs. Opaque Track-Based Curtains: Part 1
    WEDNESDAY, MAR 16, 2016
    Enclosing elevators shafts with proper smoke and fire protection is crucial to building safety and code satisfaction. However, depending on which application you choose, there can be varying design implications…
  • Come Visit Us at the 2016 AIA National Convention in Philadelphia
    MONDAY, MAR 14, 2016
    We are so excited to be attending the American Institute of Architects National Convention again this year! We thoroughly enjoyed last year’s event in Atlanta and look forward to seeing…
  • Product Spotlight: Model 1500
    FRIDAY, FEB 26, 2016
    Smoke containment is a high priority for fire protection engineers. The M1500 Smoke Curtain provides smoke control for entire buildings by strategically closing off hallways and other spaces that could…
  • Product Spotlight: Model 400
    TUESDAY, FEB 23, 2016
    The M400 is available in a variety of sizes and offers more installation options than its sibling, the M200. Fire protection engineers and architects who want to maximize space in…
  • Product Spotlight: Model 600
    SATURDAY, FEB 20, 2016
    For fire protection engineers who want to provide architects with the utmost freedom when designing elevator lobbies, the M600 Smoke Curtain is an ideal solution. The dimensions of the M600…