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Fire protection strategies to guard the safety of both your building and its occupants.

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  • Smoke Baffles Add Protection to Your Buildings
    TUESDAY, AUG 06, 2019
    Source Most people have heard the expression that smoke is more dangerous than fire, and this is one instance where an oft-repeated saying is actually true. Smoke from a fire...
  • Preventative Maintenance for Smoke and Fire Curtains
    THURSDAY, JUL 25, 2019
    Source A critical component of any fire safety and evacuation program is preventative maintenance and regular inspection. Along with fire drills to ensure building occupants know their evacuation procedures, your...
  • Get Superior Fire & Smoke Protection in Metal Buildings
    TUESDAY, JUL 09, 2019
    Source Metal buildings may give a false sense of security when it comes to smoke and fire resistance. Metal is non-combustible, and therefore, can give the impression of being a...
  • Fire Restoration: Rebuilding After a Fire
    MONDAY, JUN 24, 2019
    A fire can be devastating to a company, even if the fire was fairly small. In addition to the cost of cleaning and repair, every day that your building is...
  • Use Smoke & Fire Curtains to Achieve Fire Code-Compliance in Multi-Story Atriums
    TUESDAY, JUN 18, 2019
    Source A multi-level atrium can be a beautiful and welcoming architectural feature to any building, creating a sense of openness and bringing in natural light. With an ever-increasing focus on...