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How High Design & Building Codes Can Co-Exist

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  • Is It a False Alarm Or a Fatal One?
    MONDAY, JAN 28, 2019
    Did you know that over 36% of survivors of a high-rise residential fire in Ontario, Canada, which killed 6 people, said they didn't leave the building right away because they…
  • Strategies for Fire Protection: Safer College Campuses
    THURSDAY, JAN 03, 2019
    College campuses and dormitories are some of the most high-traffic and high-risk spaces that architects design. Many buildings on campus are accessible (and busy) around the clock, and college students…
  • Overcoming Egress Challenges in Your Building Design
    WEDNESDAY, JAN 02, 2019
    When you design a building you want it to be beautiful - but you also want it to be safe. Trends in building design make it necessary for architects to…
  • Designing for Human Behavior: Fire Safety Considerations
    TUESDAY, JAN 01, 2019
    Designing for fire safety is an integral part of the job for architects who work on commercial buildings. For one thing, addressing fire safety is mandated by building codes. And…
  • Strategies for a Safer, Healthier Retirement Community
    MONDAY, DEC 17, 2018
    As Baby Boomers hit retirement age (and beyond), the demand for retirement living may soon be at an all-time high. The number of seniors worldwide is projected to increase by…