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How High Design & Building Codes Can Co-Exist

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  • Install Spotlight: M4000 at Facebook
    THURSDAY, JUL 14, 2016
    The Model 4000 fire curtain is the perfect solution for vertically deploying perimeter curtain installations as it does not require corner support posts. This particular model of smoke and fire…
  • Fixed Smoke Solutions for Industrial Spaces
    MONDAY, JUL 11, 2016
    It is common knowledge that building atriums are problematic when it comes to smoke and fire protection. An atrium poses only a fraction of the complications that a warehouse or…
  • Integrating the Model 4000 into Existing Smoke Management System
    THURSDAY, JUL 07, 2016
    Smoke Guard’s Model 4000 fire-rated curtain is an excellent solution for multi-story atriums. This vertically deploying perimeter curtain installs into a ceiling and does not require support posts in the…
  • New Screens for Magnet Based Smoke Curtains
    WEDNESDAY, JUN 15, 2016
    At Smoke Guard, we are always aim to provide our customers with the latest and greatest in fire protection. Starting this month, the screens on all our magnet-based products will…
  • Smoke Guard: Always Innovating
    WEDNESDAY, JUN 08, 2016
    As building safety codes continue to evolve, we strive to keep our products ahead of the curve. Not only do our existing products evolve, but we are always trying to…